Weekly Digest of Reliable Remodeler Tweets 2012-06-17

Posted by Hugh Ly ~ June 17, 2012

  • Interior design for a bonus room will ultimately depend on what you intend to use the room for. http://t.co/S7bSMtz0 #
  • When most homeowners think about any room in their home, there are two aspects that are very important. http://t.co/6qCD7jU5 #
  • When you are building something for your home, it helps to have a plan. http://t.co/xG9sL58d #
  • If you explore the complexities of room additions, you might be scared off from the idea before you really get started. http://t.co/Li03tssf #
  • Adding a room to your home is a major undertaking, but the results can be amazing. http://t.co/q8acMBu3 #
  • @maintaininghome @andy_oncall Thank you for sharing our link. Have a great night! #
  • A bathroom remodel is a big project, and smaller bathrooms may present special challenges. http://t.co/ZbRremek #
  • Some contractors will even install a "loaner" toilet that fits in another room or garage during your remodel. http://t.co/Q05NxDY7 #
  • There is an old joke that goes, "that room is so small, you have to step outside to change your mind." http://t.co/Lyl7fLQa #
  • @maintaininghome It has. Thanks in part to you! #
  • @davidlewisbldr Why, thank you kind sir. #
  • Nothing could be more frustrating than completing a bathroom remodel and, days later, finding spots of mildew. http://t.co/yFWPhjMR #
  • There are hidden problems associated with too much moisture in the bathroom: http://t.co/Xtdm0h1O #
  • Most people don't use tiles in their bedrooms or family areas, but they are excellent in the entryway into any home. http://t.co/KRzn4kZI #
  • If you're remodeling and trying to figure out what flooring is right for your kitchen, it can be difficult to choose. http://t.co/hkvLQsSr #
  • Refinishing wood floors is one of those high-profile projects that offer immediate aesthetic benefits. http://t.co/YATNroHp #
  • Reclaimed flooring is lumber taken from old barns, warehouses, and homes during the demolition process. http://t.co/HiUOuI6q #
  • Granite is an igneous rock and is formed by bonded feldspar and quartz crystals. http://t.co/xwYyLgfj #
  • As wonderful as home ownership is, there are still times when it is okay to wish you were a renter. http://t.co/UcwBAIdn #
  • One of the most logical places to use tile is in the hallway of your home. http://t.co/QDu9RsWl #
  • Depending on the features and style of your house, you can design the addition to the house to be more cost effective. http://t.co/MINO4ifO #
  • Because your own budget is also a consideration, here's an approach to getting the most from your room addition plans: http://t.co/1B11k9Jj #
  • When you are building something for your home, it helps to have a plan. http://t.co/0Bke7Mi1 #
  • @dunnlumber Everything is fantastic.. Thanks for asking. How is everyone on your side? #
  • @paladindatacorp thanks for the feedback. :) #
  • Installing roof shingles can actually be an enjoyable project. http://t.co/zQbofgSD #
  • Over the last several years, metal roofing has enjoyed a surge of popularity among homeowners. http://t.co/lws2Hq0G #
  • Your roof is more than just a barrier from the elements for your home. http://t.co/voRwLbbI #
  • Damaged roof shingles are an unfortunate fact for many homeowners after spring storms roll through their neighborhood. http://t.co/uvYuWLan #
  • Since rainwater collects in the valley and runs down, it's important to learn how 2 roof a valley to avoid water damage http://t.co/dIgNLkNZ #

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