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Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ June 11, 2012

One sure way to develop an appreciation for the work that can be done with vinyl siding to transform a home is to see before and after shots of the project. That in mind, it's not too late to participate in VinylSidingZone.com's contest to find America's Best Siding Makeover.

Now in its fourth week, the contest allows homeowners and siding contractors to upload before and after photos of projects, submitting them for your vote. Homeowners can win $50 American Express gift card prizes and at the same time, you'll get ideas for your own makeovers.

The siding makeover contest will award the homeowner of the winning project $250. The winning contractor will also be awarded a grand prize.

Vinyl siding projects to behold

The current contractor leading the pack as of this week was Bennett Andelman for a tasteful use of two tones in an Oaklyn, NJ home. He used Crane Cedar Tech siding in Double 4.5" Dutch Lap sheets.

Adelman also captured second place for a home in Millville, NJ employing a lighthouse red tone of Cedar Tech by Crane. The treatment shows how to use color to preserve the tones of a traditional Cape Cod appeal.

Entries have come from all around the country, and the siding-makeover gallery features examples from Texas, Minnesota, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Styles for everyone

I was delighted to see the contest projects embracing a range of homes. You'll find examples of vinyl siding used to great effect in Victorians, Cape Cod homes, and Craftsman.

Want to enter your home, recommend another house or contractor? Visit the Vinyl Siding Zone entry page. Your friends can enter and choose a winner, too.

I surfed the main site see its features and was impressed. Siding options are covered by color, style, accessories, manufacturers, installation instructions and cost estimates, and you'll find an ample selection of how-to articles. There are tips for cleaning vinyl siding, lists of tools and techniques for siding installation, siding maintenance and repair articles, dos and don'ts in choosing siding, and how to replace vinyl siding on a budget.

By the way, we have a wealth of information here at Reliable Remodeler on siding, including our guide of Ten Easy Steps to Repair Vinyl Siding or what to look for in vinyl siding contractors.

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