Choosing the best bathroom vanity top

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ November 28, 2011

The bathroom vanity top is basically a countertop surface. You'll find that the surfacing materials offer many of the same choices as those you'd evaluate for the kitchen: solid surface, granite, laminate and wood. Since your selection may come down to money, rather than aesthetics, this discussion suggests you seek a balance between the two if good looks matter to you.

Bathroom remodeling with marble or granite

Natural stone offers the greatest durability today among the materials options in bathroom vanities You're looking at the zenith of the price scale when it comes to granite and marble. They're hard to beat when it comes to great looks. If you're considering a bathroom remodeling project toward the using top-end materials, natural stone is as beautiful as you can get and it resists staining. The cost: around $250 per linear foot. Remember: stone can be permanently marred with scratches and chipped.

Wood counters

Wood certainly costs less than stone - around $40 per linear foot. But you'll need to seal it with polyurethane. You'll need expert installation, too, to keep it level and ensure good sealing around basins and fixtures to prevent rot. When it comes to traditional appeal, it's hard to ignore maple. It's not a good idea to store cosmetics bottles with nail solvents on wood counters.

Solid surface material

Many solid surface products will cost as much installed as natural stone, around $250 per linear foot. Made of crushed quartz and resins, many solid surface products come already shaped around a bathroom sink, eliminating a few steps in your bathroom remodeling. You'll also find a good range of colors and designs, many mimicking the effects of natural stone. Beware that this material is susceptible to scratches.

Laminate counters

Laminate offers the best selections for those who only base their materials on cost. You'll pay around $50 per linear foot for a wide range of colors and patterns. They are vulnerable to hard blows, can dent and chip, and some products tend to lose color density over time.

Going with green vanity tops

If you prefer green remodeling, you can still use solid stone and wood materials. CaesarStone, Zodiaq, or Icestone are engineered stone created with green in mind. A good price on CaesarStone is around $50 per linear foot, installed. For wood, choose materials made of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood and stained with low-VOC paints.

Make a list of positive attributes for each material, their drawbacks and costs, and you're sure to discover the right vanity top for your home.

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