Getting the most out of your kitchen cabinet space

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ October 5, 2011

You wouldn't be the first to report that following your kitchen remodeling project, you still had less than workable space on your counters. Many homeowners base their space on the total number of objects they can place on the counter at one time. It gets to be an ugly affair. Fear not. You can still make the most of your existing countertop real estate by adding relatively inexpensive utilities to the kitchen.

Add a pull-out kitchen cutting board

Slide or roll-out cutting boards can really make a difference if you've been squeezing a chopping board on a cluttered countertop. You can buy a kit and save money, or have one installed. sells a Hafele 20.5" Wide x 31.5" Long, Rapid Pull Out Table for Base Cabinets and Drawers for $336. It's self-supporting, holds up to 220 pounds, and installs in a drawer between two cabinets. Consider one when choosing storage options and kitchen cabinets.

Buy a utility cart

Think of getting an inexpensive chrome cart to wheel around the kitchen, bringing utensils, spices, wine, or other items wherever you need them. Crate & Barrel sells a chromed steel cart complete with two wire shelves, a six-bottle wine rack, and a storage basket for $99.95. It moves around on metal casters, two of which lock in place to prevent rolling.

Kitchen baskets work wonders

If like me you prefer to keep fresh fruit, vegetables, or breads out of the way, consider hanging baskets when choosing the right countertop accessories. You've probably seen plenty of three-tier baskets in use at other people's bathrooms, but there's no law restricting them from the kitchen.

Plus, they're cheap, meaning you can buy more than one. A set comes with 8", 10" and 12" diameter baskets, with the largest at the bottom in hand's reach. You can buy one from The Container Store for $14.99. Hang one at the side of the sink and store cleanup gear in it. Anything to help clear off the counter!

Add a corner sink

When all else fails, bring in the big guns, I say. If you really want to maximize the use of your small kitchen, drop a two-basin sink in the corner. You may have to reconfigure your plumbing to accommodate a new sink, but you'll end up with more counter space along the straightaways.

Nextag has a wide selection to examine, from a stainless Kindred QCR-8N-4 Double Bowl Self-Rimming Corner Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink from $259 to a Harmony Double-Bowl Self-Rim Corner Kitchen Sink that affixes to the countertops with silicone for $429.75.

That's enough to think about for now. Remember, you're never totally trapped by kitchen square footage.

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