Re-organize your bathroom on the cheap

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ August 12, 2011

Everyone you bump into these days needs bath remodeling but simultaneously tells you they haven't a cent to spend. Think small and think cheap. You don't have to knock out a bathroom wall to make more room for your family. One of the best ways to open up space or eliminate clutter is to build or buy bathroom organizers. here are some ideas.

Mount new towel bars Martha Stewart recommends installing an in-line trio of hangers on the back of the bathroom door. A towel bar will cost you $10-$20, depending on quality, and you can hitch three of them to a solid door without the worry of punching holes in drywall. You'll find 24-inch double bars with a chrome finish, with room for two towels and drying space between them, for $20.

Install new closet shelving If that bathroom closet interior looks like a train wreck, install new shelving. Consider removing existing shelves, adding tiers, or install an entire closet organizer. Easy Closets sells a closet insert (32.7 inches wide with 19 inch-deep shelves) that fits your available space - handsomely - for around $370.

Maximize your medicine chest Micro organizing helps, too. Any home improvement or bath remodeling store sells cups and containers for your razors, toothbrushes, tweezers and bandages that mount to the inside of the medicine chest door. And they stick tight with self-adhesive cups so you can reorganize them when your needs change.

You can also buy hooks that attach by magnet to any steel medicine chest. Magna Pods makes a set with plastic hooks that are strong enough to hold storage bins.

Install an over-toilet shelf unit For between $35-$90 you can install (instantly) an over-toilet storage shelf that stands on its own legs without the need to drill into walls for support. They come in ready-to-assemble units with chrome tube-bars and wire shelving. Or pay extra and get glass shelves. Simple as pie.

Double-up on your cabinet space Organize-it sells a designated hair-care rack that mounts on the inside of your bathroom cabinets. It holds blow dryers, hair brushes, bottles of shampoo and conditioner and curling irons. It won't set you back more than $10, mounting hardware included. You'll love having more room on the sink and counter tops.

Get more out of your shower area sells a four-basket shower pole made by Better Bath and Beyond for $52.49. The unit fits snugly into a corner of the shower stall and adjusts up to a nine-foot ceiling, an inch higher than most pole units on the market. Four baskets hold plenty of items that now take up room in your bathroom closet or vanity drawers.

That didn't hurt much, did it? And your bath is more functional. It's always good to find wallet-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas.

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