Weekly Digest of Reliable Remodeler Tweets 2011-06-05

Posted by Hugh Ly ~ June 5, 2011

    • Morning friends! How was everyone's weekend? #

    • Did anybody use their fire pit this weekend? It was cold, so I stayed inside! http://clck.co/DfZhz/t <<# howto build a good one! #

    • Are you adding a #deck this summer for all those great grill-outs you plan on having? Here's some price info! http://clck.co/Y8VwM/t #

    • Summer is creeping in slowly, for me anyway! But make sure your air condition flow is at its best! http://clck.co/SdYpG/t #

    • @nikastewart That's fantastic! I feel I should be doing the same. Or those doing DIY or remodeling projects, get 'em done! #

    • Great tip! RT @designerstone: Tile tip: To make a small area feel bigger, use a larger tile. http://www.tilesizes.com #

    • You rely on it everyday-- so here's how to troubleshoot and repair a water heater! http://ow.ly/571mO #

    • if you're planning a remodel, it's good to know who should be paying for those construction tools! http://ow.ly/571tC #

    • Looking for a great #Father #039;s Day present for your DIY guy? Here's a great gift idea: give him the ultimate tool shed! http://ow.ly/5723Z #

    • Thank you for all the mentions and RTs! Hope EVERYONE is having a good day! :) #

    • @poppytalk Yahoo mail always gives me problems! #

    • Great info for summer! RT @angieslist: Important summer reading: Drowning doesn't look like drowning: http://angie.li/mvc9l0 (via @mvittone) #

    • Don't have a bummer summer-- consider a security system! Burglaries are higher during warmer weather! http://ow.ly/57WJ6 #

    • DTE Energy is offering the following tips to help customers save money and keep cool-- how are u energy efficient? http://ow.ly/57WOE #

    • Many power companies, such as Delmarva Power, are encouraging hurricane and summer storm preparedness! http://ow.ly/57WSe #

    • Storm damage isn't just for winter-- so here's what to look for when considering summer storm damage! http://ow.ly/57Xmj #

    • TY! RT @lesmithcompany: For sure! Not the time to let routine maintenance slide. Can end up uncomfortable physically and financially! #

    • It's not summer just yet-- we have till June 21--so here's some spring lawncare info before summer sets in! http://clck.co/KcRHv/t #

    • Okay, I think one cool way to brighten up your landscaping is by adding a bonsai! These photos are so good! http://ow.ly/58QBr #

    • RT @kohler: #CalGreen will help CA reduce construction waste, energy, water consumption in buildings, & environmental impacts. #PlumberChat #

    • @vinylsidingzone Oh that would be awesome! Movies would be made about it, I'm sure! #

    • One thing I love about summer is laying out in a hammock. Here's a calculator for how to hang it! http://ow.ly/58QIf #

    • Now this is what I call landscaping! Think about how much care it takes! http://ow.ly/58QLR #

    • Oh my gosh! A family in Texas shares their story of how they beat the heat naturally-- without AC that is! http://ow.ly/58QS1 #

    • Springtime and summer are great times to see wildlife, but here's some ways to keep them outside! http://clck.co/MYyy7/t #

    • What are some projects you're planning to get outside this weekend? #

    • A home with the proper amount of insulation can make a big difference in energy savings! Here's some types! http://clck.co/kSFgJ/t #

    • Renovating your fifties kitchen? Here's some things you'll need to know! http://ow.ly/59AHr #

    • Are you a fan of historic homes? I love Georgian architecture, which was popular in 18th Century America! http://ow.ly/59ALR #

    • A 13 yr old fixed the air conditioning? Haha, from Handyguy Podcast, read this hilarious conversation! http://ow.ly/59ATK #

    • Here's some great info if you are planning on replacing your kitchen cabinets! http://ow.ly/59AWV #

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