Living safe and protected in 2011

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ January 11, 2011

The overall drop in 2010 home invasions and burglaries indicate that home security and alarm systems may be having a deterrent on criminal behavior. It's too early in the year to tell whether the results reflect the impact of security tools and monitoring services. But with the deepening economic pain in the country, subsequent job layoffs and early release of felons from our jails and institutions you'd think the numbers of home invasions would increase, rather than diminish.

The FBI Uniform Crime Report announces early 2010 findings of a -2.8 decrease in property crime and -1.4 decrease in burglary over 2009. The reasons for the drop are still being studied, but I'm certain much of the improvement has to do with the increasing use of security systems by homeowners.

The best security system for your home

Ultimately, the best way to be secure in your home can include a mixture of sensor alarms, lighting and camera systems, monitored wireless or wired alarms to a security service, and enhanced lock systems.

The Home Secure Store has a wide range of wired and wireless alarm systems that employ motion detectors, window, and door contacts that add up to comprehensive security. Hardwired systems are best for homes under construction and are more difficult for intruders to dismantle because they're integrated into the walls. Hardwired setups can cost from $135 to $691.

Wireless alarm systems make a sound choice if you're updating an existing home where you don't want to drill holes or open sections of walls. These can contain the same mixture of components as hard-wired systems. Wireless systems can cost $129-$550.

Security cameras, from $65 to $350, have day and night capabilities and are aimed at the vulnerable parts of your home where forced entry is the easiest--entries, exits, gates, driveways, backyards, garages and more.

Camera systems include bullet cameras, dome cameras, wireless cameras and IP cameras. IP cameras are closed-circuit systems that can be monitored from a standard PC monitor. When coupled with motion sensors, alarms, telephones and email systems, they can set off an alarm, inform live surveillance or alarm monitoring professional services or fire up a message on your personal cell phone.

Some homeowners even install fake cameras with their systems, adding the sense of heightened security across the entire perimeter and interior. Real or cosmetic, your surveillance system can go a long wayto convince would-be intruders that they have chosen the wrong place to commit a crime.

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