Weekly Digest of Reliable Remodeler Tweets 2010-12-26

Posted by Hugh Ly ~ December 26, 2010

  • Ask the Contractor: Basement Remodeling for Chicago Split-Level http://bit.ly/eFqIqQ #
  • Kitchen islands are becoming popular for additional workspace or a casual bar area- do you have one? http://bit.ly/fKewZ7 #
  • If you're stuck on which flooring to choose, reclaimed hardwood is a good eco-friendly choice. http://bit.ly/gAPptQ #
  • For small room layouts, avoid wall colors that are too bold and stimulating, such as deep reds, oranges, and browns http://bit.ly/8XyEyU #
  • My parents chose granite countertops for their house-- here's some pros and cons, but what do you think? http://bit.ly/bMmuSQ #
  • @famoushomeowner So true! And I really hate how cold they are in the winter. haha. #
  • Ambient lighting is a good place to start when renovating your kitchen http://bit.ly/eXuYGQ #
  • Woah! Check out these extreme holiday decorations-- do you have any in your area? What do you think? http://ow.ly/3s77L #
  • Garage floor finishes can range from floor paint to epoxy garage floor sealers. http://ow.ly/3s9PB #
  • Here's a switch-some utilities will pay you to save energy http://ow.ly/3s9ZD #
  • RT @pattonservices: Cool roof expected to save energy costs http://sbne.ws/r/6jpe #roofing #
  • Because of the recession, Habitat for Humanity is shifting its focus to rehabbing older houses http://ow.ly/3sfQW #
  • This is so cute>> how to put together a Christmas stocking and goodies. http://ow.ly/3sfSs #
  • RT @homedecornews: Bathrooms, Decks Top The List Of NARI's 2011 Remodeling Trends http://bit.ly/hCW8oe #house #
  • The average American family spends about $2,200 a year in heating and cooling their homes! http://bit.ly/dYuqAL #
  • Here's some info about how to understand the energy star rating in your home http://bit.ly/fvCTNB #
  • Adding tile accents to your bathroom can turn a ho-hum space into a work of art! http://bit.ly/fuFgpw #
  • Ask the Contractor: Should I reinforce the frame of a 20x30 outbuilding? http://bit.ly/ih93KZ #
  • French doors have always been crowd pleasers.How do you feel about them? http://bit.ly/fLbyc2 #
  • Ask the Contractor: Cabinet Installation in a Yolo, California, Home Art Studio http://bit.ly/eTERqA #cabinet installers #
  • The range of materials and prices in the latest flooring products should create enthusiasm for homeowners http://bit.ly/gNRcdA #
  • Awesome before and after furniture pics of 2010! http://ow.ly/3sSav #
  • Woah! What do you think about putting tile on the ceiling in the kitchen? http://ow.ly/3sSbH #
  • Check out this reusable Christmas tree!! http://ow.ly/3sSct #
  • New podcast about recessed lighting-what do you think? http://ow.ly/3sSde #
  • Christmas is almost here-- what remodeling projects are your presents? #
  • Ask the Contractor: How much will it cost to replace part of my basement wall? http://bit.ly/f82IqQ #basement wall-replacement #
  • If your present is actually a remodel, and you're getting a contractor here's how to form a great relationship http://bit.ly/fqOR3k #
  • If you have the know-how, you can also cut the cost of prudent makeovers now by doing the work yourself http://bit.ly/edQNmJ #
  • Get those holiday remodel ideas rolling into projects for the new year! Try these inexpensive makeovers! http://bit.ly/hVXfcP #
  • Got remodeling questions? Ask the Contractor! http://bit.ly/ecjsaU #
  • Ask the Contractor: What can go wrong with replacing duct work insulated with asbestos? http://bit.ly/fSzgsj #
  • How is everyone doing today? Hope you are all staying safe and warm:) Have a wonderful holiday! #
  • RT @findanyfloor: Weather and Flooring http://ping.fm/e1wQN #
  • If you're putting the finishing touches on your basement renovation-- think about the lighting.http://bit.ly/gcHukZ #
  • Ask the Contractor: What is the voltage on in line thermostats for ceiling heat? http://bit.ly/eDQDeL #CadetHeaters #
  • All right everyone-- check out the best Christmas lights in America! http://ow.ly/3tgzr #
  • Christmas will be here soon, so here's some more home safety/security tips-- http://ow.ly/3tmK2 #
  • And some more holiday home security tips-- what advice do you have for people this holiday? http://ow.ly/3tmMG #
  • RT@greenwind How to Plan For An Electric Rewire To The Home http://bit.ly/iaa9kk #
  • Ask the Contractor: I need caulk/sealant to match the morter of my exposed brick. http://bit.ly/geTqiH #
  • Ask the Contractor: Mildew Smell in Bathroom http://bit.ly/dFKwZr #bathroom mildew-smell #
  • Ask the Contractor: Room Addition Labor Hours http://bit.ly/hmx9cx #
  • RT @paintingdenver: Locally owned shops innovate to compete with online stores - http://newzfor.me/?bp9c #
  • RT @tradeslive: Wreaths for Charity | Interior Design Sense: Two recent charity events had designers... http://tinyurl.com/2c26tyj #
  • Ask the Contractor: Low Slope Roofing Options http://bit.ly/gG9WR2 #

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