Putting Your Lawn to Bed for the Year

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ October 16, 2010

If you've spent time and money on landscaping and, especially, on growing a lush green lawn, there's plenty to do before winter's freezing breath descends. Good lawn care is four-season lawn care. That means that now's the time to take action to ensure that your lawn is healthy and attractive come springtime.

In the late fall, depending on your climate and type of grass, it's customary for a final feeding. Nutrients put into the lawn now keep the roots loaded with essential organic compounds to stimulate spring growth. One of the most important winter lawn maintenance tips is to aerate your lawn before the first frost to keep thatch from blocking new growth. For most lawns, sustained-release nitrogen fertilizer does the trick.

Fall Lawn Care Essentials

Rake up your fall leaves so they won't decay and attract molds. A layer of decaying leaves can smother a winter lawn. Getting the right soil pH is also part of your winter lawn care. Contact your landscaper or a local home improvement garden center and ask about soil testing. Amending your soil with lime may be just the right thing to keep roots healthy and allow nutrient uptake.

Once it begins to thaw outside (if you live in a cold climate) spread out any built-up piles of snow to help it melt uniformly across the lawn to prevent lawn-destroying molds.

Need another fall project? Why not consider ensuring backyard privacy by planting some fast-growing hedges?

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