What's on Your Kitchen Must-Have List?

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ May 3, 2010

Much like they have opinions on movies and restaurants, everyone has their own view of must-have features to put in a new kitchen. I tend to think that the scope of your kitchen remodeling project and your available budget dictates most of the terms. There's a big difference between a dream kitchen and the best one you can build within your financial limitations.

Better Homes and Gardens has its own ideas of kitchen essentials. They include:

  • Double Ovens
  • Dishwasher in a Drawer
  • Island Cooktop
  • Commercial-Style Range
  • Pot Filler
  • Coffee Bar
  • On-Counter Appliance Garage
  • Corner Storage
  • Deep Drawers
  • Full Extension Drawers
  • Divided Storage
  • Stainless Steel Pot Rack
  • Pot Rack/Stainless Backsplash
  • Utensil Racks
  • Tray Storage Cabinet
  • Home Office Computer/TV
  • Glass Cabinet Doors
  • Built-In Refrigerator
  • Ample Lighting
  • Warming Drawer
  • Bar Sink
  • High-Style Faucet
  • Trash and Recycling Area
What Items Do You Really Need?

It's hard to argue with some of the Better Homes items. I know many people like having a computer in the kitchen to research recipes or knock out a few emails while bread is rising. But I don't want my keyboard anywhere around flour.

I know having a coffee bar is to die for, and double ovens can save a family from counseling during the holidays. Deep drawers and divided storage can create and solve problems simultaneously.

I called a few friends and they suggested, in no particular order, an enameled Dutch oven, a stand mixer, marble rolling pin, cast iron skillet, professional chef's knife, trash compactor, and reversible disposal unit.

Gourmet Spot calls hand mixers, toaster ovens, and coffee makers essential items while considering food processors, standing mixers, coffee grinders, and waffle irons as splurges. One person's necessity is another person's luxury.

Market Watch prefers a large kitchen with an island and energy-efficient appliances. Realty experts at the Mesquite Group say that consumers want walk-in pantries, kitchen islands, built-in microwave ovens, drinking water filtration systems, and custom storage for appliances. You can see trends in these lists. Traditional, large kitchens remain in the consumer's eye and so are large dining rooms adjacent to food prep areas.

Which features seem indispensable to you? Why not share your list?

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