Getting Organized: Cool Accessories for Your Closet

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ April 26, 2010

Apart from losing my car keys, there's little that frustrates me as much as looking for the right shirt or tie in a jumbled closet. Every time I move or do a big cleanup around the house, I reorganize the closets. I mess things up to the level of storage, so organizers aren't much help. I know there are others who have trouble organizing closets. With a family and limited storage space, you need all the help you can get.

I found a few helpers online that I would try myself, and most don't cost a lot of time or money to install.

Easy Track Organizer

Easy Track sells modular closet organizers that begin with starter kits and build out from 2' closets to 11 footers and walk-ins. You can buy rail covers, belt racks, baskets, and tie racks that fit the system.

Space Savers Dividers

I own more sweaters than a man should have. My family gives me one every year and now they tumble down from the closet shelves. I need a few sets of these chrome shelf dividers from Space Savers.

Rubbermaid Shelf Kit


KraftMaid has a wide cabinetry and room design offering, so I was a little surprised to find this small set. The laminated 3-shelf kit hooks right into your uprights or with a KraftMaid wall kit. I'd put these in hall closets, too.

Portable Closet

Space Savers also weighs in with a portable closet that creates storage room where this is none, like your spare bedroom, laundry room, attic, or basement. You can rotate out your seasonal wardrobe or create a quick closet for a guest.

Closet Carousel

Admittedly, I've fantasized about riding around on a dry cleaner's carousel rack, but never thought of buying my own. The Closet Carousel Organizer comes with an enclosed track and virtually maintenance-free components that operate on house current and switch on with a wireless controller. Like your television.

Okay, this organizer costs more than loose change. The smallest carousel weighs 138 pounds, holds 8 garment rods, and costs $2,350. At the top of the line, there's a 298-pound model with 24 garment rods that runs $3,760. You want to keep your kids away from the controller.

And one last thing: while you're at it, should you look into kitchen organizing, too?

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