Wine Racks Add Charm and Elegance

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ February 10, 2010

Americans enjoy sufficient amounts of wine that you'd think wine storage racks and cellars would be a prominent feature in the home. California's Wine Institute reports that Americans consumed 753 million gallons in 2008 (with 2009 numbers forthcoming). It doesn't mean that we're lushes, by the way. The United States ranks 18th in total wine consumption by nation, way below the leaders--Italy, France, and Switzerland, according to Nation Master.

I love the look of warm woods and colored wine labels in a living room, dining room, or den. I have a friend who keeps a set of modular wine racks along a wall in his home entertainment center so friends can enjoy a glass of Chardonnay with the latest video. There's something about the depth that racks and rack furniture brings to a room. I'm less impressed by metal urban wall racks that elevate single bottles against the paint or wallpaper. Stackable racks don't have to be expensive or elegant to do the job, either.

Choosing a Wine Rack for Your Home

Many DIY enthusiasts download plans for racks or modular storage right from the Internet. You can also find unfinished redwood kits at home improvement stores. Those ugly wall mounted racks are the least expensive and maybe you like them. I like redwood, diamond bin models with face trim. They look like vintner models with a mass produced price tag. And there's nothing wrong with mahogany either!

If you have a Tuscan kitchen, then I can see using wall-mounted racks, especially climbing tendril racks that add to the decor, rather than having the wine bottles as ungainly wall fixtures. For a finishing touch, consider adding a wood bar countertop that complements your wine storage.

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