Interior Paint: Time to Chill Out

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ February 5, 2010

Are you considering a one-coat only paint job for the interior of your home? One-coat hiding paint is a relatively quick way of completing a Do-it-yourself interior paint job. But be sure that when you choose a brand and hue, the manufacturer's label clearly states that it's a one-coat hiding paint. Typically, brands of this kind of paint have a higher percentage of titanium dioxide listed in the mix of ingredients than multiple-coat paints.

Remember, not all one-coat hiding paints are created equal. According to Consumer Reports, brands vary by what they claim is complete coverage. Certainly you want more than one application for decorative paints and accents.

Paint Colors to Tempt the Palate

This brings me to the hottest-trending interior paint colors that are expected to blossom into vogue this year. The list was compiled by the Virginia non-profit Color Marketing Group (CMG). CMG says that its forecasts are more like "directions" rather than precise directives for contractors, designers, or do-it-yourselfers. The hottest new color, according to the CMG is called "Mardi Grape." The hue was chosen by hundreds of designers and color professionals as the emerging star, with purple tones trending toward grays and browns that make the tone acceptable as a "neutral color."

Last month I blogged that more neutral kitchen colors would lead the way for 2010, and now the CMG says that neutral colors will be the "lead performers" acting like "chameleon" tones that gradually shift to match the overall plan from room to room.

Other popular colors, CMG predicts, include red, to add energy as an accent to base colors; orange, to spotlight differences from a neutral gray background; yellow, with gray and green mixes to lend a natural appearance; green, shifting toward the blue end of the palate as an accent color; beige-brown, used in metallic or metal tones to offset dark colors; and gray, with a hint of purple to represent natural elements of the earth.

Sherwin Williams has announced a palate of simple tones for the home, with colors that have names like "Serious Gray," "Whitetail," "Moderate White," "Magnetic Gray," "Butter Up," and "Enigma." Echoing the tends I've been reading about, the paint company says its colors are "calm, subtle and nuanced, with undertones that shift according to their surroundings, for easy versatility."

2010 must be the time to peace out, everyone!

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