Kitchen Trends for 2010

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ January 29, 2010

It didn't take long after New Year's Day for prognosticators to begin announcing home remodeling trends for 2010. I had already blogged about early proclamations for 2010 remodeling trends a few weeks ago. But now, in the afterglow of January's International Builder Show in Las Vegas, bloggers and other media writers are set to pick the trends for kitchens.

According to Ilyce Glink at Moneywatch, we all should hold out hope that homeowners can put together a sufficient budget to do "gut remodeling" projects this year. Her column, picked up the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), announced styles for 2010.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2010

The NKBA (outside) surveyed designers to choose the following trends for kitchen projects in 2010:

  • "Traditional is Contemporary." The Shaker style kitchen with whites, off-whites, and brown earthy hues will be in vogue.

  • "Cherry on Top." Consumers will put their money where their cherry-wood is when it comes to cabinets.

  • "Floored by Tile." Natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain will be the flooring of choice, while granite and quartz headline the counter-top choices.

  • "Flexible Faucets." Brushed nickel will still be the material of choice for faucets, and more and more homeowners will add pull-out faucets and pot-filler faucets.

  • "Under-counter Refrigeration." Although side-by-side fridge and freezer combos will stay popular; look for under-counter refrigerator drawers or wine refrigerators.

  • "A Range of Cooking Options." Gas-powered, wall oven/cook-top combos will be the ticket, but watch for a rise in popularity for induction.

  • "Dishwasher-in-a-Drawer." Energy-saving drawer-model dishwashers will find their way into the greening trend.
Traditional Kitchens Withstand Fads

Despite the trends, Orlando's WFTV reports that traditional, large kitchens are here to stay. Designs that incorporate small food prep or quick serving areas with larger dining room areas are one way to have your cake and serve it to a large group, too. Large, farmhouse sinks will help speed prep and cleanup.

White cabinet colors will still ride the popularity wave, according to the report, but bright or warm finishes will provide accents. And, expect cabinets to rise, rather than spread out. Pedestal cabinets can offer storage, while still accenting the decor.

One way to keep kitchen space simple and useful will be to employ utility drawers and segmented shelving where pop-out cutting surfaces, wine racks, and tool and spice storage are located right where the chef needs them. In short, even if you prefer a traditional kitchen design, you can customize it for contemporary cooking and serving.

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