Ceiling Medallions: Fun and Attractive

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ January 22, 2010

Most people probably associate decorative ceiling medallions with Victorian or other period homes. But I've seen them in modern styles, too, where people use them to raise the visual sense of the ceiling and accent the design lines in the room. Medallions can be ornate-or simple! And new materials are lightweight and make for easy installation.

Traditionally, medallions were companions to crown molding sets and were constructed of tin, plaster, or wood. Today, you can find tin medallions as well as in light and durable urethane. They can really transform a room, and you can use them in other places than up in the ceiling. Do-It-Yourselfers even paint medallions to match the colors in the kids' bedrooms and hang them on the wall.

Installing Medallions, Simplified

I like urethane medallions for their relatively inexpensive price and ease of installation. You first paint them the color you want, matching the ceiling or using an accent color. If you're planning on hanging lights, you need to cut a center hole in the ceiling to accommodate threaded hanging bolts and wires. Remember, please, to turn off your power source to the room before drilling anything.

The medallion should slip between the fixture and ceiling with trim head screws or hollow wall anchors (depending on your ceiling). After attaching the wiring, tighten it all down and countersink nails through the medallion. Fill gaps and holes with Spackle and paint.

The process is simpler if you're just attaching the medallion. One benefit is that you can remove it easily if you end up changing your mind, and repair the ceiling with plaster and paint. You can even use a medallion if you cut too much from the ceiling when installing a fan or light. The medallion can cover your mistakes.

Remodeling With Medallions The newer materials can keep prices between $30 and $100, depending on size and shape. If you're remodeling and adding texture to your wainscoting, it may be a great opportunity to match decorative medallions. Of course, the installation method requires a great deal more preparation and expertise if you're installing one beneath a ceiling fan. Attaching the blades and lights takes time and care.

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