Eliminate Bathroom Clutter Now

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ January 13, 2010

Ever puncture yourself on a razor while searching through a bathroom drawer? Perhaps you had to move an armload of drying towels and clothing to get to the shower curtain in the morning. Or, worse, had to fish through a cabinet stuffed with old medicine bottles and expired prescriptions to find that allergy medicine when spring suddenly burst into bloom.

It takes a little planning, the willingness, and a small investment to clean out the clutter and turn your bathroom into a functional, comfortable space. The folks at HGTV recommend that you organize your bathroom at the micro level-a task that may be just a little daunting for those of us who have trouble organizing the silverware in the kitchen drawer. But the basics of taming your bathroom include a willingness to dump old medications, hair care, and skin products that you just don't use anymore.

Organize by Bathroom Task and Product

Specialty bottles and colored decorator jars can become the new home in your cabinets and drawers for first aid items, cosmetics tools (cotton balls, Q-tips, rubber bands), dental-care items, or bath items. Color coding, of course, tells you what's in the jar.

Organizing expert Janet Hall recommends that you store your daily necessities on counters and in medicine cabinets, moving lesser-used accessories in storage containers under the sink or elsewhere in the home. Store items together that fall into the same use categories.

Good Housekeeping recommends that you install organizers and waterproof shelves in your shower to avoid having to sort through bottles and jars with the water running. Y0u can install towel racks that fit inside your shower to dry items out of the way of other bathroom traffic.

Overwrought? Maybe it's time to consider a bathroom makeover. Check out these tips.

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