Best of Reliable Remodeler Blog 2009

Posted by Hugh Ly ~ November 20, 2009

...a few great posts from the past year you may have missed:

Home Greening and Tax Credits

It's time to revisit the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and its energy improvements section.

Expert Interview: Green Building with Joel Fraley of Neil Kelly Co.

The Neil Kelly Co. based in Portland, Oregon has been dedicated to the green movement for many years.

Expert Interview: Bathroom Remodeling with Jill Moskowitz of Bathroom Magic

We've covered kitchen remodeling, home lighting and historic homes, and now we're moving on to bathroom remodeling with the guidance of another industry expert: Jill Moskowitz.

Expert Interview: Michelle Steinback of Schoolhouse Electric Co.

Michelle Steinback, General Manager of Schoolhouse Electric Co., had a wealth of information to share with us on successfully lighting your home.

Stimulus Plans: Time for New Windows and Doors?

Replacing your windows with energy efficient substitutes can make a difference in utility bills and curb appeal

Make the Most of Your Small Space

There are many ways to make a smaller space feel comfortable and inviting allowing you and others not to notice the size, rather notice how nice your space is.

We're Guest Blogging at Charles & Hudson Today

We helped put together a city DIY guide for our fair city: Portland, OR.

What LEED Means for You - Part 1

Ever wondered what the acronym LEED means? Learn what these guidelines are, and how they are forging the way for a new philosophy in urban planning, green building, and how we live.

What I've Learned from My Home Renovation: ThisYoungHouse.com

For a homeowner, having the helpful hindsight of others can be priceless, especially if you're a new homeowner with big renovation plans on your mind.

Repurposing Historic Buildings

Instead of building a new home, many people are taking old buildings and repurposing them for their needs.

The Seasons They Are a Changin' - Ideas to Make the Most of Your Home Improvement This Fall

End of summer for many homeowners means the end of their big summer home improvement plans but consider these three things before you stop thinking about your home entirely.

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