New Year's Remodeling Resolutions

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ November 13, 2009

As the winter months advance, we're all making resolutions for the New Year. Not all of them are about personal habits that need changing. Home repair buffs and gardeners all look toward the new slate of months as an opportunity to begin and complete projects we've only daydreamed of undertaking.

Marshall Landscapes

You might begin drawing plans for an overdue kitchen restoration. Gardners might find the time just right to order seed catalogues or draw plans for a new wood or stone deck

It may be the right time to bring in a contractor to cut limbs on trees most susceptible to snow damage. If you're doing winter planting, consider planting evergreens like hemlock, holly, pine, or spruce-all look great in snow and in your winter yard.

Considering Winter Home and Garden Improvements

If you're doing any cold weather landscaping before the heart of winter, be sure to include the use of hardscape (fountains, masonry, statues, and walls). Much of this work can be done as long as it's dry outside.

While you're dreaming and resolving, consider installing synthetic lawns for the spring. You can save on water and maintenance. If you live in warm climates with mild winters and scorching summers, the winter can be an optimal time to install synthetics that won't be damaged now by cold and later when heat comes during the summer.

Indoors, there's "plenty to-dos" you can add to your list of resolutions. Perhaps you have the time and budget to install that home theater you've been pining for. Or, as you take down the holiday lighting inside and out, perhaps it's time to replace your bulbs with energy efficient substitutes (compact fluorescent or LED bulbs and fixtures).

Inevitably, spring will arrive. You can get a head start planning home improvement projects for warming weather by creating mock-ups or designs, take indoor measurements, make parts lists, create a realistic timetable and budget. Contractors may offer winter rates on interior projects and give discounts if you engage them now in planning for projects that burst into action come spring.

Meanwhile, during the winter months, inspect your windows and doors for air and water leaks, clean out your gutters after heavy storms, have your furnace checked, fire up winter tools like your snow blowers and make sure they're ready for weather ahead. And it's a great idea to check all your fire extinguishers for charges and ensure that your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are in working order.

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