A Homeowner Lesson: The Importance of Home HVAC Maintenance

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ November 10, 2009

One of our recent blogs mentioned how important it is to keep your thermostat serviced and maintained. This is sage advice. When you are faced with a home HVAC system that needs repair, you'll wish that you had done a better job of doing routine HVAC maintenance, but also that you had an HVAC professional in your rolodex.

How do I know all of this? Unfortunately, I know from personal experience.

Once long ago, back in the days when I knew next to nothing about owning a home, I found myself without heat, the furnace was toast. My house was worse than cold and damp, there were freezing temperatures outside. I had never used an HVAC professional and I found myself scrambling with how to deal with the situation. Eventually I got someone to come out and fix it, but not before I had lived without heat for close to a week and had stretched my supplies of space heaters and blankets to the max.

Last week, I found myself in a house without heat, again. It happened on a lovely afternoon, and by lovely, I really mean a frosty, wet, terribly cold afternoon. With my poor circulation on red alert of the impending cold entering the surroundings, I was quick to call my local HVAC professional. Well, not I. I still haven't learned from my first lesson, I don't know any HVAC servicers in the area. However, my boyfriend who really should be credited with all the smart homeowner decisions between us, has an HVAC professional who has done all the work on the home's furnace from day one. He's a smart guy, which is one of the reasons I let him hang around.

But, really, that's besides the point, because the next day, when the HVAC man rang the doorbell and fixed a faulty wire and made the furnace produce the lovely purr of heat coming through the vents, I felt I really had finally learned my lesson. Always keep up on HVAC maintenance and always, always, have an HVAC contractor ready to call. Not having to get out the Yellow Pages and hope and pray that someone trustworthy would be able to schedule an appointment with me on short notice was priceless.

The moral of this story? Don't wait for problems to arise before calling on the pros. Make sure that you have professionals come and regularly maintain your home's most important systems so you can avoid big problems and long waits for service. This advice isn't limited to HVAC, some other day maybe I'll grace you with another story from long, long ago: the time I went without water for a week and I really wished I had a reliable plumber to call.

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