Turn Up the Heat: Add some warmth to your home this winter

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ October 13, 2009

It's cold and windy outside and I've been reluctant to do anything that involves leaving my nest of three blankets. So, I've got "staying warm" on the brain, and thinking about heat in the home, here are some things to make your life a little warmer.


There are lots of options for fireplaces. There are gas ones that can turn on with the flick of a switch, or more traditional wood burning ones. Some have wood mantels, others are stone or brick. There is a fireplace to fit any home. You can have one added, or of course, you can rework the one you've already got. Instead of talking about a prefectly placed mantel, I'm just going to share a lovely example of fireplace perfection, it's like I've reached HVAC nirvana...



The Luxury of Warmth:

If you love being warm, then adding heating components to often cold places might interest you. I mentioned in an earlier post about a towel warming drawer, but you can also add radiant flooring, or heated towel racks to your bathroom. Cold feet in winter would be a thing of the past by adding radiant tiles which heat the floor underneath your feet. Warming racks are less of expensive than the truly luxurious towel warming drawer, but, are a great addition to make your bathroom feel more cozy. Plus, they could be an easy DIY project on a rainy weekend.

Heating Systems:

The debate continues on electric versus gas, but there is no question having a modern HVAC system will ensure that you stay warm and save money. If you don't have a programmable thermostat, this may be the year to consider it. You can program your heat to kick up when you're at home and lower when you're gone. You can save 2% on your heating bill for each degree lower you go on your thermostat, so by having it lower when you're away, you are saving money!


Of course, the first thing I want to do when the fall chill comes along is run out and get a gorgeous new pair of boots and a snuggly winter coat, but making the inside of your home as cozy as possible will likely have a longer lasting impact than the season's winter wardrobe.

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