Remodeling Triumphs and War Stories

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ August 21, 2009

Given all the cost and planning that goes into most every renovation or remodeling project, you want it all to go right. Practically everyone I know that has had to camp out in their living room or eat out in fast food joints while the hammers banged away in their kitchens or baths understands. And they have a story to tell, no matter how it all turned out.

Sharing your nightmares and your victories can spare others from renovation hell. That in mind, the editors over at have launched a Share Your Project section on their website. You can share your own experiences as well as garner tips from those who have been there.

Share Your Project Details According to the site, you can write a post, upload project photos, and receive ratings for your home improvement project. Categories include:

* Kitchens * Cabinet Refacing * Bathrooms * Landscaping * Outdoor * Home Decor * Flooring * Windows * Doors * Plumbing * Electrical * Heating & Cooling * Siding * Roofing and Gutters * Painting * Home Building

I took a test drive through postings and found a great idea for completing a quick and effective bathroom makeover, made possible by changing out lighting, cabinets, and mirrors.

The homeowner describes an effective and inexpensive way to remove fluorescent lighting in the bath and lay in fresh sheet rock and textures to get plenty of bang for your renovation dollar.

Help With Renovating Bedrooms and Kitchens Other homeowners posted details and photos of their efforts to remodel a small kitchen, choose a pergola over a deck, and install an effective coffered ceiling treatment in the bedroom. The ceiling project involved plotting and installing coffer boxes in a ceiling that was not perfectly square.

Project galleries at the site enhance the homeowner stories and fire fresh ideas for your own project. One homeowner provided excellent views of the 1926 marina-style home in San Francisco where they remodeled the original, tired kitchen to open it up and add light. The renovation project involved adding space, knocking out a wall, and installing fresh cabinets and flooring.

The web is a sad repository of plenty of awful projects, too. In searching for additional victories and disasters, I discovered Dark Roasted Blend, a site that gathers photographs of renovation disasters. Several commercial and home construction designers and contractors should have lost their jobs, since it's clear they lost their minds when building doors or stairways to nowhere.

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