Kitchen Organizing Tips for Clutter Freaks

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ August 11, 2009

Not everyone has a well-organized mind. Sometimes our kitchens reflect our hectic lifestyles--or a packrat's sense of space. Too often, however, many a confining, dysfunctional kitchen echoes the poor planning that went into its original scheme or a haphazard remodeling effort. Sometimes, a kitchen resembles a traffic jam in Los Angeles, with unused and unwanted appliances and gadgets destroying all hope of galley feng shui.

The left-brain thinkers at Online Organizing recommend that you focus your kitchen design around key centers of activity: preparation, serving, storage, cooking, and cleaning. When you police your kitchen, you put everything back where it belongs so it will remain in easy reach when it's time to cook another meal.

Consider organizing your kitchen by task. If your dish cupboard is situated across the kitchen from your dishwasher, you'll eventually resent the walk-and break those precious dishes you got for your wedding.

Storage Solutions Battle Kitchen Clutter One of the more heinous culprits in creating clutter is having a complete lack of countertop utility. Countertops often become the drop zone for everything that comes (or falls) out of your kitchen cabinets. While having consistently open and free countertop space is unlikely, the folks at suggest that you arrange kitchen countertop space to warehouse your appliances when they're not in use and create small storage areas for spices or cookware that you deploy most frequently.

Make new friends with cabinet drawers that slide open easily for items in heavy rotation at mealtime. Roll-out or multiple tier organizers for your cabinets also partition your knives, cooking spoons, spatulas, and spices where they're in easy reach when you need them. Then they magically disappear, freeing your countertops for action.

Taming Your Kitchen Appliances There's that blender you need to make breakfast smoothies every morning. Then there's that bizarre kitchen tool you bought on impulse from the television ad that you may fire up once in your lifetime. At Do It Yourself, kitchen writers suggest that you banish unused kitchen appliances to retirement in a low cabinet or pantry.

Consider using a Lazy Susan in a corner cabinet to maximize space and efficiency. Divider drawers and roll-out shelving also helps you arrange your mixing bowls, pots, and pans by activity and frequency of use. Trial and error will prove how efficient you are.

While you may have a poorly designed kitchen, you can whip it into shape.

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