Energy Efficiency Starts at Your Front Door

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ April 16, 2009

I'm always looking for ways to save.

Whether it's killing off vampire power with items like the Smart Strip power strip, or trying to use the least amount of paper products in my kitchen that I can get away with, I am a person who likes to save money and the environment. It's a powerful combo, and one that is catching on with more and more homeowners.

Lots of small household upgrades pack a double punch of money savings and eco savings. Your front door for instance. Did you know that replacing exterior doors can save you money? By upgrading your exterior doors to steel or fiberglass you will gain five times as much insulation as with an older, dated door. Better insulation means you don't need as much energy to heat and cool your home. These doors generally also include built in weather stripping, another great way to trap in heat and stop drafts.

Last but not least, if you upgrade to an EnergyStar approved exterior door you can apply for a tax credit of 30% of the cost of the project for up to $1,500.

Looking for other ways to save? Here are some other tips:

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