Domino Demise: The Official End of an Era

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ April 7, 2009

I'm a design junkie, and I always held out hope that one day I would own my own home and start my subscription to Domino Magazine for projects, inspirations and home decor I could afford.

While I'm still likely to own my own home some day, we all now know the fate of my dream for Domino. Months ago the magazine announced it was closing it's doors.

But, at least we still had the website for "flipping" through the online pages of past home tours and editorial spreads.

At least we used to have the I went to glance at some old photos I had saved for a piece on exposed truss beams in homes, and instead of going to Sunrise Ruffalo's gorgeous home I was redirected to Architechtural Digest. Brad Pitt may be on the cover, but those people over at Architechural Digest don't know who they are dealing with.

I'd rather see Louis Ghost Chairs and repainted found furniture than the aging, hollywood hearthrob (now complete with creepy mustache).

But I guess I just have to accept the end of the Domino era and turn to my favorite bloggers for my design fix.

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