Energy Efficiency: Put Your Refrigerator to the Test

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ March 30, 2009

Ever wondered just how much your different home appliances cost you each year in terms of energy costs? Well, now you can.

Energy Star has created a site dedicated to helping homeowners understand the impact of their refrigerator on the planet and their options for lessening that impact. By submitting some simple information about your home's refrigerator you can find out the annual actual cost.

The site also offers information on state recycling programs, Energy Star refrigerator models and much more. The state by state break down of rebates is helpful. For example, if I upgraded my refrigerator, and recycled my old one, I would get a $30 rebate from the state of Oregon.

A refrigerator is often seen as the biggest electricity culprit in the home. Because of this, some brave people have decided to ditch their fridge altogether. While you may think it's an impossible task, some claim that it's not as daunting as one might think. I'm not convinced, and for now I'm keeping my matter what the cost.

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