Exploring the Many New Trends in Kitchen Sinks

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ March 24, 2009

I grew up with a stainless steel double basin sink, and after I left home and went to college and lived in dorms and college houses I suddenly realized that not everyone had a double basin sink (or garbage disposal).

While I still love the convenience of double basin sinks, the trends in kitchen sinks have been dramatically changing and not as many people seem to go with that option.

Here are some new styles of kitchen sinks that might entice you for your kitchen update.

Trends in Kitchen Sinks

Two large seperate sinks - an alternative to double basin sinks seen on Remodelista

Lima Bean Sink with removal wood cutting board by Elkay.

Sinks aren't just sinks anymore, they now come equipped with all kinds of accessories to make your cooking experience even more practical, easy to clean and of course, quicker. Great examples are the cutting board in the sink above, or all the accessories in this sink below.

Stainless Steel Sink by Franke

Don't like all the hassle of lots of accessories, but need some extra sink space? Maybe you need to install a small prep sink. Like this ultra modern example.

Cravasse Prep Sink by Kohler

If you like the ultra modern look, Kohler has lots of other designs that may suit your taste. Like this example with state of the art utilitarian faucet:

Sleek and modern Kohler Seamless Sink

Awesome double spigot farmhouse basin in a shocking charcoal black seen on Remodelista

I love that this has two spigots, a cool and practical new trend. But it also is a twist on the ever growing popularity of the apron front farmhouse basin. While farmhouse sinks are seen mostly in classic white, you can take an original spin on this trend by using a less traditional color like the black shown here, or maybe even blue, green or yellow.

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