For the Love of Window Seats

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ February 11, 2009

I often dream about my perfect house.

Looking at all the scattered mole hills of clothing across my floor, I dream of a giant walk-in closet, or dare I even say it, a dressing room.

Cooking alone in a kitchen brings visions of a bar or kitchen island for guests to sit around and keep me company.

And when there is sunshine pooling in a beautiful puddle of light though my big front windows, I stand in the middle of it and fantasize about window seats.

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of my very own window seat, complete with comfy cushions and billowing, sheer curtains fluttering around me while I hold my favorite book in hand, enjoying the weather in the protected comfort of my own home.

Hiring a finish carpenter or contractor to construct a space of your own is easier than you may think, and at least for me, it would allow me one of my little dream home comforts.

Here's some beautiful window seats to keep fueling my fantasy:

(Last two photos - Apartment Therapy)

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