Investing in Transformations, Not Just Materials

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ January 20, 2009

First of all, I'd like to extend a big thank-you to for hosting my humble post on their blog. It's great to be able to contribute!

I should tell you something about myself. I've contributed posts on our BuildDirect company blog, mostly about wood flooring and bamboo. I should say too that becoming a wood flooring blogger was not the last thing I ever thought I'd become, but it certainly wasn't the first. Let me explain.

I am not a talented DIYer. I can barely put Legos together. So in this sense, my coming to write a blog about building materials wasn't a sure thing to have put money on.

But, I do know a thing or two about the things that homeowners care about, since I am a homeowner myself. I'm interested in investing in my home, in making sure that my home not only increases in value in the long term, but also contributes to the improvement of my surroundings in the short term, too. I believe environments are important, crucial in fact, to quality of life and feelings of well-being. Actually, that's what I'm really investing in.

This idea of positive transformation is important to most people. Further, I'd say it's the primary thing that drives most people in life. And I believe that a great interior make-over is a very palpable expression of this idea. In the end, that concept is what I find so tasty when it comes to building materials, home improvement, and wood flooring specifically. In some ways blogging about it is easy.

I've come to see building projects and interior design projects as more than a series of tasks, or items on a budget. I think many, if not all, of those projects are life improvements, not just home improvements.

It's an ugly duckling transforming into a beautiful swan - pretty powerful stuff!

Cheers, Rob

Rob Jones: Rob Jones has been a part of the marketing department at BuildDirect for four years. He's spent most of that time as a site content builder, with the effort in providing quality resources for BuildDirect customers and site visitors as his primary mission. More recently, Rob has been involved in driving the social media program at BuildDirect, where he serves as chief blogger of the wood and bamboo flooring blogs, as well as the manager of the company's Facebook page, Youtube channel, and Twitter account. Rob lives in North Delta BC with his wife and three-year old daughter.

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