Organizational Envy!

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ January 16, 2009

Making it Lovely blogger, Nicole Balch, who also runs online store Pink Loves Brown, has renovated her Studio exquisitely from this:

To this:

The changes are amazing! Bamboo floors, new paint, and floral curtains really brighten and open up the room.

But what really caught my eye about this space is HOW ORGAZNIZED it is. In the New Year I always resolve to get more organized, and maybe if I had all of these cubbies, boxes, baskets, and areas to put things away I could actually stop talking about being organized...and....actually live clutter free.

Nicole uses her studio as the center of operations for online orders and packaging for her store. Who wouldn't want to go to work if this was the space you got to go to.

Nicole's blog tracks her process of renovating her home in Illinois, I definitely recommend checking it out for more inspiration.

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