Repurposing Historic Buildings

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ January 12, 2009

Instead of building a new home, many people are taking old buildings and repurposing them for their needs. It creates a unique space, helps preserve historic buildings, and minimizes waste from materials to build a brand new house from scratch.

Check out these immaculately executed building renovations:

Ladies' Parlor of the former South Congregational Church in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

By repurposing old buildings homeowners get to incorporate unconventional parts of their building's original purpose into their own modern use. The swinging institutional doors and the back staircase with the very ecclesiastical high windows are key elements from the building's original function as a multi-purpose space for church social gatherings. It is these features that create design focal points, and which make living in a repurposed home so fun.



(Photo Courtesy: The New York Times)

176-year Old Barn

This barn was about to be demolished before the current owners bought it and moved it 45 miles to be made into a home for entertaining family and friends.

In renovating the building, Orion General Contractors carried out a green renovating plan that included energy efficiency and reuse of materials. Over 90% of the materials used for the project were either from the original structure or salvaged from other older buildings, this included most of doors and windows too.

The end product, well, I think it's nothing short of beautiful, and encompasses much of the building's original charm. This renovation also received major kudos from Professional Remodeler, for being on the best designs of the year.

The honest truth is that it's not a quick or inexpensive prospect to buy an old building to renovate. But most homeowners agree that the journey through the project is part of the fun, and the results leave you with a lot to talk about and impress your friends with.

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