Fairytale Spaces: A Bedroom in the Clock Tower

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ January 7, 2009

J'adore Paris! After spending an enchanting summer there during college, I believe living in the heart of France would be nothing short of magical (if of course you can afford the atrociously priced real estate).

When I stumbled across this beautiful home from Marie Claire Maison...well, I just about fainted. Ok, it's not just the fact that's in the dead center of Paris, and that it has 360 views of every tourist hot spot and monument you can think of, but the bedroom is in a clock tower!

(Photo Courtesy: Marie Claire Maison)

Check out more photos and the full description on the Marie Claire Maison website. (sorry it's in French, so grab your favorite francophile, or throw it in a free translator)

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