Smart, Custom Kitchen Remodeling

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ December 17, 2008

I love to cook and bake, so logically, I end up spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I've had houses with small kitchens, houses with big kitchens, houses with gas stoves, houses with electric. From all these kitchen experiences, I kind of know what I like from kitchen spaces now. So, when I see a well designed kitchen, I really do appreciate it.

In this Chrysalis Award winning kitchen remodel, KitchenMagic, a custom refacing and cabinetry company, designed a room that made a smart use of space that is not only functional, but livable.

All the custom cabinetry allows for perfect storage solutions, which is essential to the functionality of a kitchen.

Also in this picture, you'll notice the cool round windows. The window placement was chosen to maximize the natural light. When designing a room remodel, or looking at new houses, natural light should always be a major consideration. Just look how light and airy this kitchen seems...the amount of natural light is a major factor in that.

But perhaps my favorite part of this kitchen is the island. The Zodiac quartz countertops are great, but I like the design mostly because it's the perfect blend of function and design. The island is foremost a work area, but it is one that also allows for socializing. Having a kitchen island that doubles as a bar is perfect for company while prepping dinner, or for a laid back family breakfast. The kitchen is a place where the family gathers, so making an appealing space that draws people in is a major bonus.

While I have more of a quirky personal sense of home design, this kitchen offers a sleek, traditional look that most homeowners would likely love. It's a great starting point for considering your own new kitchen remodel.

Want to see more of KitchenMagic's custom work? Check out this photo gallery.

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