Major Dining Room Remodels Create Dramatic Changes For Your Home

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ November 19, 2008

Part 2: Major Dining Room Remodeling Ideas

On Monday I talked about some quick fixes for your dining room. Today, some of my major overhaul ideas if you're dining room just can't be revived with small changes.

1. Knock Down Walls: One of the best ways to makeover your dining room, is to create the illusion of more space. My favorite way of doing this is creating "open plans," which allow for direct flow of traffic between the kitchen living room and dining room. Open plans will make your home feel bigger since you're eliminating some of the things that take up space, and confine your space, namely, your walls. Check out these examples of an open plan home and how convenient and beautiful it looks to merge your kitchen, dining and often living room spaces.

(Photo Credits: StyleFiles)

2. Add windows: Let in the light! Nothing opens up a room and makes it like new more than natural light. Adding windows or making windows in a room bigger can make your space more inviting.

2. New Flooring: New flooring in any room makes it feel brand new. Replace carpet with hardwood, or maybe a new varnish to your hardwoods to give them a new look. This picture is a perfect example of what new flooring, and new windows can do to your dining room.

Check back on our previous post for smaller dining room projects.

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