Holiday Remodeling Ideas: The Dining Room

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ November 17, 2008

November, for me, means one thing: Thanksgiving! The food, the friends, the wine, and of course, the assortment of delicious pies.

Nothing makes Thanksgiving more enjoyable than the perfect space to enjoy it in. This week we'll look at ideas, both big and small, for making the most of your dining room.

Some projects you can finish before your family arrives on the 27th, and others will take longer to plan and execute, but will bring greater, more noticeable results. This week we will look at major and minor ways to change up your dining room.

Part 1: Quick Dining Room Fixes

1. New Lighting : Adding a new light fixture not only adds a new focal point, but can also brighten up a room.

(Photo Credit: Relish)

2. New Paint: Add a new coat of paint to a room. A new color scheme can dramatically change the look and feel of a room. Painting can be a great DIY weekend project, or just paint half of the room as seen here to make it an even quicker project:

(Photo Credit: New York Times)

3. A New Table: A dining room table can make or break your space. Make sure you have a table that fits the space you're in, and that functions for your purposes for it. If you're less than happy with your table, maybe it's time to start scouting out a new one before the family arrives. Check in Wednesday for some Major Dining Room Renovation tips

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