Halloween Home Remodeling

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ October 22, 2008

Ah Halloween: it's the season of sugar rushes, repurposed white sheets, and humiliated pumpkins. Aside from all the fun things there are to do to get ready for the spookiest night of the year, it's a good idea to take quick stock of your home's porch and walkway areas.

If you're expecting little goblins and Bob-the-Builders to arrive at your door come the evening of the 31st, you'd better be ready to receive them in safety, and style. If you've ever been a kid, you remember how excited you got at Halloween, and having to scramble around in a floor length sheet? Add to the mix that you were probably already a little bit clumsy, and then add large amounts of sugar... forget about it...it was a small miracle I managed to get anywhere on Halloween as a kid.

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When Your Porch Takes Center Stage

Parents and kids alike are sure to be appreciative if you've spent just a little time clearing your walk of fall leaves, and any other debris that could potentially prove slippery. Also double check for cracks in the pavement or cement and patch them if you can. If you've got steps up to your door, clear and inspect these as well so the sugared-up little Cinderellas and Spidermen don't wipe out on your doorstep.

Remember also that lighting is crucial to make your home's exterior inviting and safe. (It's also a good way to improve curb appeal so you can enjoy the benefits long after the toilet paper has been removed from your trees.) Line your walk and porch in solar powered garden lights, and you'll be ready to warmly welcome family and friends for all the coming holidays.

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