My Top 5 Fall Remodeling Projects

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ October 13, 2008

It's starting to get colder, and there might be less sunshine, but it's still a great time for remodeling projects. Here are my top picks for Fall Home Improvement and Remodeling Projects.

1. Window Replacement Do you know how old your windows are? Old windows can be a big energy waster in your home. In the fall and winter, when keeping warm air in is important, having old windows that don't do their job can cause your home to be less than efficient, and definitely not as warm. So why not update your windows before the cold really comes in this winter and keep your house cozy all year long.

2. Kitchen Remodel With all the cooking and baking that goes on during the holidays, why not spend some time sprucing your kitchen space up. No matter your budget, there are options for making your kitchen feel warmer and more inviting. Try installing new countertops, refacing your cabinets, or adding a kitchen island to create more workspace.

3. Roof Replacement Fall maintenance is an important part of the season. Having your roof inspected should be one of your top maintenance priorities. The last thing you want going into the colder months is a roof that's not in perfect shape. If your roof is older, you may find that it lets cold air, or worse, the other elements, leak into your home. If this is the case, it might be time to start a roof replacement before you encounter bigger roofing problems in the winter.

4. Window Seat Addition One of my favorite ways of enjoying the sun in winter, is to enjoy it from the indoors. Adding a window seat in front of a window that gets lots of sunshine is a great way to still get some sun while staying warm. Any carpenter should be able to create an area for you however you imagine it. Perhaps a bench with built in storage would fit perfectly in your living room.

5. Fireplace Remodel If you have a fireplace, you'll likely start using it this winter. Using your fireplace creates warmth, and encourages the family to gather around it. To get your fireplace spruced up for winter, think about giving it a little love this fall. Add a new coat of paint, hire a carpenter to create a custom mantle, or maybe install some interesting tile work around your fireplace. Whatever you choose, adding new life to your fireplace will make it a space to enjoy all winter.

Does anyone else have any winter projects lined up?

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