An Ounce of Prevention

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ September 30, 2008

Some houses get lightly lived in, and then there are those abodes that weather the perfect storms of kids and pets and indoor floor sock hockey. Among other things. Do you have a house that works hard? Ok maybe you don't exactly have floor hockey tournaments going down on the kitchen tiles, but your house is definitely well lived in.

Maybe the kids are rough on it or you've got a favorite furry friend who likes to be every bit a member of the family as the two legged ones. These kinds of houses sometimes end up needing some special attention, especially in the kinds of paints and coatings we choose to live our lives around. Paying a little attention to surfaces and other aspects of hard lived homes also means homes will wear better for the long run. And you'll feel better living in a home you know is ready to be truly lived in.

There are many products and ideas out there you to help you get started protecting the places that see the most wear and tear in your house. The first place to look might be your floors. Protecting your floors with a durable coating will do wonders for the longevity of your flooring, and might even mean you'll have less work to do in maintaining it. I don't know any homeowner who wants to spend more time mopping or sweeping.

Walls are another big ticket feature of your house that are bound to show wear more than other places. Durable paints and protective coatings do wonders here too. It might be worth it to you to take a little action now, rather than making a much bigger and potentially costly investment down the road.

We liked looking around General Polymers and Sherwin Williams for some ideas and advice. Check it out and you can get started. What else do you worry about in your home? Maybe we can look into how you can solve those problems too? Let us know!

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