The Many Guises of Guest Bedrooms

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ September 26, 2008

Is your guest bedroom getting to be a burden? You're probably not the first one to think that. Whether it has started to become wasted space or on the flip side: overwhelmed by the odd conglomeration of stuff that seems to appear in there, the clutter has to go to if you want your guests to actually have a place to sleep.

A lot of the problems seem to stem from not knowing how to have a guest room that can multi task in a happy medium. You don't want the room to be restricted only to house guests, since most people aren't going to be having visitors with enough frequency to warrant such sole-purpose dedication. So naturally, we want these spaces to be at least a little bit multi-purpose. Whether they house our personal libraries or double as home offices, most of us don't have enough space for the guest room to be only that.

Good Ideas to Get Your Guest Room Going

A good way to squeeze some extra use into your extra room is to start with furniture that has a fairly open design style, enough so that you can see the floor through a pane of glass or other portion of the furniture. Using this type of furniture works to make the room feel bigger, which is a great attribute when you need it to be multi-functional. Even in the smallest of spaces if you use this approach, you can keep the feel of the room more open.

The guest bed is another good place to look when you're after space saving, multi-purpose solutions for your guest bedroom. A single bed can double as a couch; think a much more updated variant of the daybed. For some reason I see ruffles when I heard the word daybed. I like the idea to ditch the frame altogether to cut down on clutter, and cover the bed in simple floor length fabric and finish it with oversized pillows to make the back of your new 'couch.' That way, you've got a good space to curl up with a magazine as well as a comfy place to host your nephew from the midwest next week. No ruffles, no problems.

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