Hiring a Contractor: A Homeowner's Checklist

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ September 25, 2008

I've been working on some new resources for homeowners, and have been thinking about a basic checklist for homeowners to follow during the process.

Contractor Hiring Process Checklist

1. Receive at least three estimates on your project 2. Ask each contractor the same questions, and give them the same project parameters to get the most accurate and comparable estimates 3. Verify professional licenses 4. Ask for and check references 5. Do a background check through the Better Business Bureau, or another agency. 6. Verify Insurance and Bonding 7. Make sure you are given a contract, and make sure all parties agree to and sign it.

To me these are the essential parts of the hiring process for homeowners. Not doing these things can mean disastrous results and a frustrating process. Everyone has heard horror stories about contractor fraud, and to avoid it, it's very important for homeowners to take the time to consider a checklist like this.

Can anyone think of anything I'm missing? Or is this a good bare basics summary of essentials that all homeowners need to consider?

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