Connect Your Spaces

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ September 24, 2008

Life in this part of the county so easily solicits the input of the great outdoors. That's why I've been on the lookout for creative and functional ways to connect indoor and outdoor spaces. Because we all know that when the weather turns, any amount of sunlight is going to need to be maximized as much as possible.

We don't want to give up life on our decks and patios for the winter months, but sometimes the weather has other plans. However, if you've got the wherewithal, you can outsmart at least a little bit of what mother nature has in store for us.

Photo Credit: Sunset

Enclosed decks, patios and sunrooms are great places to start, but the really tricky part comes in connecting your indoor and outdoor spaces so they flow and fit the feel of your home. One way I like that seems to help the transition is pocket doors. Now, I know that sometimes these sliders get labeled with a bad connotation, either for generally malfunctioning or just looking a bit sloppy, but you may be surprised by what you find if you take a look now.

Sliders and pocket doors have changed a lot in recent years however, and you can find perfectly crafted additions for your home to create the look that fits you best. French doors are also another great way to create a connected feeling between your patio and your home, and they're also available pretty much anyway you can think of.

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