Is there anything it CAN'T do?

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ September 19, 2008


I remember my big brother's first turn as an interior decorator. He's not exactly main stream when it comes to style or taste, and you can imagine the horror when he moved into my sister's old bedroom that was festooned with purple, pink, and complete with all the typically feminine frills. Obviously, the room was due for a makeover. I don' think it ever saw my brother coming, and my family was surprised to find the once overly girly boudoir completely transformed.



Creating Genius with Cork

My favorite part of my free-spirited brother's overhaul of his new room was the cork walls. For a pretty reasonable spend, he came home from the hardware store with boxes and boxes of square cork tiles and some cans of paint. And, from that moment, the lavender appointments were absolute history. (And a grateful house still thanks my bro.) The walls went from obnoxious shades of fuchsia to warm, refreshing, unassuming neutrals.


The big problem however was the paneling. The largest interior wall had no windows, no doors, and nothing to disturb the perfect monotony of the pale purple paneling. And that, I realized, was where the cork tiles came in. It took an afternoon, a short one at that, and my brother had the space he had always wanted. Tacks supported antiqued maps, Ferrari specs, and pieces of skateboard used cleverly as decor. My brother had claimed his territory, and I had witnessed my first great room makeover.

Photo Credit: Domino

Versatility, Meet Style and Design

I like cork as a wall covering material for many reasons, but it's also a respectably green choice due to its sustainable nature. What a fun way to work green products into your lifestyle! If cork dosen't exactly suit your bedroom, (I'm not entirely sure if it would be right for me) I do think I could use it in a home office. I loved my brother's idea to restrict the cork to one wall: it creates a great accent wall as well as a unique focal point for the room. It also brings in some much needed texture to liven up the boring matte surfaces we're so used to seeing. The right style and color moulding can also take cork walls to a more sophisticated place increasing its versatility as an option.


I can also imagine cork transferring flawlessly into the kitchen. With so many wall spaces interrupted in most kitchens by appliances, pass-thrus and the like, you could transform one portion of your kitchen into organization central pinning up grocery lists, reminders, and of course fun things for the kids or unique decorations just right for your cooking space. Another reason to try cork in the kitchen? How easy to clean (and durable)! If your kitchen gets used a lot, I can't think of a better surface for your walls.

Look how cork gets used here to bring new dimension to a dining space:

It comes in different colors too, if you're not ready to go all the way to chocolate brown. And oh yeah, its great as a flooring surface too (your feet will thank you later). More corky resources


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