Beating the Bedroom Blues

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ September 16, 2008

I struggle with my bedroom. If I'm at home, you can bet I've spent a good portion of that time tinkering with my boudoir set up. The furniture changes locations at least every two weeks. And yes, I know I have a problem.

'Is it Feng Shui?' I wonder. 'If I move the desk two inches to the right, maybe that will create more flow...' 'Should the head of my bed face north? Really?' One could argue I'm too detail oriented, but for all my scrutiny, my bedroom set up does keep improving. And sometimes it might take putting my bed in a ridiculous location, but I'm usually always glad I tried.

Help for the Bedroom Obsessed Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

I ran across some bedroom rules for a hospitable sleeping space, and some of them have been quite helpful. So, if you're also on a continual, spontaneous crusade to recreate your bedroom design, you might find some of these tips helpful:

First of all, experts recommend 86ing the TV. It brings unnecessary clutter and even anxiety into a space that should be calming. The same goes for the excer-cycle and other work out stuffs (bedrooms are for sleeping and relaxing!).

Step two: airflow. I'll confess I haven't given much thought to this, but the belief is that good airflow stimulates good energy. And who doesn't like a little fresh air during a nice nap?

Do you have a jungle for a bedroom? While vegetation in itself is not a poor idea, make sure you keep plants as far from the bed as the room allows. If you have a smaller bedroom, do your best to make sure your plants don't overwhelm the space.

Bed placement is crucial; it's the bedroom after all. Your bed should be easily approachable from each side, and should not be placed in line with your bedroom door. Any furniture used directly around the bed should be balanced as well (mirrored on the opposite side).

Best practice for bedroom colors usually focuses on neutral and skin tones, as these channel soothing vibes and calming energy. If you really love your bright colors, don't despair, just opt for hues that are on more subtle ends of the spectrum and you might just find you get a better night's sleep.

Lastly, your bedroom lighting is maybe the most crucial component to creating a room you can be satisfied with. Think of light in terms of layers. Navigate away from overhead lighting as it tends to be harsh and just generally too much for the space. Instead, chose lamps and I do mean plural. Varying light sources can create a soothing, layered effect. Candles are also a good choice; just remember to follow Smoky the Bear's rules for safety.

I've taken some of these rules to heart, but I still find myself tinkering. I'm never quite convinced I've got it right, so if you've got any insight, please let me know!

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