Simple, Smart Solutions

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ September 12, 2008

In keeping with my attraction to alternative housing, I'm naturally really excited about the Metro Cabin. I'm also pretty convinced that one day I will live in one. If I'm lucky.

Just look: Photo Credit: Metro Shed

And the really great part? They're pre-fab. You and a few of your closest (and handiest) friends can assemble them in a matter of days. I can't stop thinking of the different ways these could solve homeowner dilemmas. What if you have the perfect house but you don't have a guest room? Tragic circumstances that might otherwise mean moving to accommodate your desire to have overnight visitors right? Well, for a pretty reasonable price, you can get the guest room you need without spending the major dollars on a room addition. Now that's ingenuity I can appreciate. And, if you tend to have those guests that are a little more high maintenance (we all know who they are), what a great excuse to get them out of your space!

Re-Shaping How We See Sheds

While guest room is just the first option I can think of...the list could get very long. Need an art studio for that passion you've been wanting to explore but just never had the space to inspire? No more excuses. Metro Cabins could make a great studio for just about any hobby.

There's a unique design marriage of the rustic and the refined going on with this structure; it's not overdone, and yet it does the job gracefully. I love the sleek lines and simple elegance. And I have a hunch you might too.

You might find you like it so much you won't want to leave. And you won't have to if you opt for the kitchen and bathroom packages that are available. Even more reason to love the Metro Cabin!

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