Great Looks, Guilt Free

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ September 10, 2008

What's not to love about natural wood? From flooring, siding and paneling, wood is a great addition to any home. Lots of us love the look of natural wood, and besides that, its durable and pretty easy to maintain. Despite its classy look and great wear, there's always something that makes me feel just a little bit guilty about it. Maybe one too many viewings of Fern Gully as a child could be to blame, but to this day I just feel a little bit bad. Lucky for me however, there are a lot of beautiful ways to enjoy natural wood without the guilt.

Photo Credit: Sunset Magazine

Recycled wood products have always been around, but they're making more and more of a comeback for stylistic as well as ecological reasons. The short version? You can have your cake and eat it too. Companies in the recycled wood industry go about their business in a couple different ways, some wood is reclaimed from construction sites, others salvaged from demolitions. Its used wood getting a new lease on life: now that's something I can get behind, and the rainforest might not mind either.

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