Forward Thinking for Fall

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ August 29, 2008

I live with someone who is very organized. If you can relate, it's no secret that this can be a somewhat stressful endeavor. The benefits of living around such individuals though is that it provides a constant drive to find more easy ways to get and keep your home orderly.

And have we ever.

The season provides great inspiration to get organized as well, with kids setting off for school and schedules filling up, making the aspects of your home more streamlined will add up to more leisure moments during a time of year where play is generally at a premium.

I'm personally a big fan of hooks because they can be handy in any room in the house:

Use them next to your front door to house keys, pet leashes, hats, and coats. Mount them in your closet to organize belts, necklaces, ties, scarves, hats, or ribbons. In the kitchen, hang dishtowels, measuring cups, and large utensils. For the bathroom, mount them on the wall or behind the door for more places to tuck drying towels, robes, brushes and scrubbers.

Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Pegboard is another way to create more unique storage and order in your home. Frame it for a more sophisticated look, and get started placing organizer boxes and bins, note pads and pens. This element is particularly useful and appropriate for a laundry room or garage entry space.

Get your home office buzzing with efficiency using magnetic strips to hold 'to-do' items, reminders, and calendars. Also, never underestimate the power of new shelving. If you're running low on space, shelves can be mounted higher walls to add an interesting visual element, as well as an out of way place to store less frequently used items.

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