Still Time for Sunshine

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ August 26, 2008

All right, all right. I knew it would come.

I've been avoiding it like every other sun worshipping summer lover, but after all the 'fall this', 'autumn that,' I suppose it's in our best interests to concede that maybe it might be time for another season's transition, possibly... maybe.

What the onslaught of back to school sales and plaid scarves does not have to mean however, is that we have to sacrifice our time outside. Not only do I refuse, but with a few cleverly crafted home ideas, you can eek out every last drop of valuable sunshine before you have to say good bye to it until spring or your next trip to a tropical location.

Get More From Every Ray

One of the best ways we know how to enjoy natural light all year long is by taking advantage of a sunroom addition or an enclosed patio. Not only are you gaining some livable square footage, you're gaining it in an area that's sure to qualify for some quality time. Think of barbeques long into October, cozying up with hot cocoa to watch the snow fall in 360 degrees. As much as I hate the thought now, when the season's in full swing, I want to be as much a part of it as I can. After all, if you've got the space, why not use it as much as possible right? Photo Credit: Lindal Additions

Your options can also be as versatile as the climate. If you want your enclosure to be modifiable during the summer months to regulate heat, there are many options for modular enclosures that can change along with the seasons.

Factor in Some Sun Strategies

After a more budget friendly way to get your daily dose of vitamin D during the coming winter cold? Bay windows are a great place to soak in the December sunshine. Just make sure you choose well insulated and efficient windows to keep your home's heating costs down.

As for me, I'm not letting fall get me down just yet. There's still plenty of sunshine left, and I plan on making every bit count until it absolutely gets too crisp. And then I'll just have to console myself with some time on the slopes or some pumpkin pie. (I suppose every season has its perks!)

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