Don't Overlook Your Garage Door When It Comes to Energy Efficiency

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ August 25, 2008

I don't want to let myself admit it, but we're slowly creeping towards fall. The weather will start to get a little crisper, and you might find yourself grabbing for blankets more than you used to.

Insulation = Energy Efficency

As the weather starts to shift, you'll want to consider insulating your home so that it can be as snug and warm as possible this fall and winter. The better your insulation, the better your energy efficiency will be. And who doesn't want that?

One place that often gets overlooked when it comes to insulating your home is the garage. Upgrading or replacing your garage door can make a big impact overall.

If you want to replace your garage door, you may want to look at models that are steel with a polyurethane core. Wood and fiberglass doors are generally considered to be less energy efficient than their steel counterpart.

It's often popular to choose garage doors with windows in the door to allow for some natural light in your garage. If you choose this design, be sure to check that the windows are just as energy efficient as the rest of the door.

Easy Garage Door Maintenance Can Save You Money

Even if you're not ready to do a full garage door replacement, you can check and replace your weatherstripping to ensure you're not letting in any extra drafts. You'll want to have proper weatherstripping around and between the door panels. This is an easy weekend project that can end up saving you money on energy bills.

As fall approaches we'll have more tips on how to insulate your home, and get it ready for the colder season.

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