Kitchen Cabinets: Creative Storage Solutions

Posted by Paige Thomas ~ August 18, 2008

I recently moved, and my new house has a lot of cabinet space. But I'm never sure how to best utilize the space I have, and I feel as though all my baking supplies are never within reach. I have to shove my way through bags of cornmeal, glass jars of sugar, the electric mixer and the flour sifter before I find what I really need squeezed somewhere in a back corner between the Dutch process cocoa and the walnut oil.

Of course it doesn't have to be like that, there are plenty of solutions for even the most crowded kitchen. Here are some great ideas for new kitchen cabinets that you might not have thought of.

I love these pull down cabinets. I'm short, so not having to get out the stepping stool to get to the highest storage is the perfect solution for me.


(Better Homes and Gardens)

Being creative with the space you have is essential for a functional kitchen. Case in point, these tall, thin drawers with space for hanging kitchen items are an effective use of space. When you need something fast, having all of your cooking utensils hanging is much easier than rifling through a drawer.

kitchen storage

(Better Homes and Gardens)

Have awkward corner spaces? My favorite solution is lazy susan cabinets. It's perfect for spices and baking supplies, or for easy access to all of your pots and pans.

lazy susan kitchen cabinet

(Qualified Remodeler)

Cabinet ideas are endless. You'll also find cabinets with custom interior organization, drawers which pull out dog food bowls, and even drawers that pull out to create two chairs and a table. If you're planning on replacing your kitchen cabinets, it's a great place to start getting creative and thinking outside the box. Make your kitchen storage work for you.

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