Housing in 360 Degrees

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ August 13, 2008

Take a look at this room:

Photo Credit: Curbly Pretty huh? Not to flashy, not too big, nice. Right? Now, imagine what the outside of this home looks like. Got it? An idea at least? Ok. Now get ready, were you picturing this?

I know I wasn't when I first saw that picture.

Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please: introducing the dome home:


I'd heard about these before, and maybe its because I pay special attention to alternative forms of housing...that and I've always harbored this childhood dream of living in a yurt. What I did not imagine however, was just how nice the Dome Home could look on the inside. Not only is it nice, its elegant, modern, might I even go so far as to say sophisticated? In a rustic, woodsy sort of way considering the outside I suppose. One thing is sure, this blogger is impressed...and I'm not even a hobbit.

What do you think?

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