Always Greener on the Other Side

Posted by Mary Sweigert ~ August 7, 2008

What would it be like to live in world that was completely self sustainable? How would life be different for us if we were completely free of our dependency on fossil fuels and foreign oil?

Well, some intrepid architects are out to get some very real answers to those questions. In what will be the nation's first net-zero (emission free) community, a little place called Geos will be making its debut in Colorado in late 2008.

Photo Credit: Inhabitat

Green Genius?

Entirely solar and geothermally powered, this experimental city should prove quite the study in green design and eco conscious building practices. And it may just be a jumping off point for increased interest in development and implementation of the strategies and products we'll need if we want to cut our energy bills more efficiently.

Will it be, as some nay-sayers predict, a disappointing, low grade disaster that fails to make a clear case for the enviro-movement? Or will it be a 25 acre window into the future?

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